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Measure the distance between your existing strap mounts while your roof is pulled tight with your current straps (this is how close the mounts will be with QuickPop installed) making sure to measure centre to centre.
If your measurement is:

50mm to 70mm choose S

71mm to 100mm choose L

100mm to 130mm choose XL

If your measurement is outside of the range mentioned above please use the below contact us form and we can work together to come up with a solution for your van.

S, L & XL?

QuickPop S (Previously B) are 20cm long straps, with a single hook and an extra thin magnet that will pass through the buckle for installation. They will tighten right down to 50mm.

QuickPop L (Previously A) has the same strap as S but with 2 hooks, one attached to the top of the buckle and one on the strap. This increases the usable range to 71-100mm.

QuickPop XL (New) Using a 28cm long strap with 2 hooks QuickPop XL will work from 70mm up to 130mm. Because of the extra strap material I recommend using these from 100mm up. But if you feel you need more strap to pull on, XL is for you!

Version A


Version B


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QuickPop straps(pair)  £20
Int. Shipping  £12

Orders placed before 5pm will be dispatched the following workday.

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