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All orders from March/April and early May have now been sent out, If you haven't received your order please let me know.

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What is QuickPop?

QuickPop is a simple and affordable quick release Pop Top strap designed to cut down the time spent releasing or tying down your pop top to a mere 4 seconds so you can spend your holiday time doing the important things... Like pumping up an awning or fiddling with a collapsible table.

Video of S strap in action



Video of L strap in action


High Quality Parts

Strong 1" polyester webbed straps with 3mm thick flat steel hooks that are just the right size to hold firmly onto your existing strap cleats. With a cast aluminium 'Pull to tighten - Press to release' cam fastener all finished in black for a discreet look.

QuickPop is made with a high quality nylon strap
Strong 3mm steel hooks

One handed operation

The upper strap is fixed in place to prevent the assembly from shifting when pulled tight. The straps can be tightened or freed in 2 seconds flat with one hand on each QuickPop.
Say goodbye to fiddling with frayed ends and feeding the open straps in place, The strap never need be removed from the cam and the sealed end prevents accidental disconnect.

An animated gif showing how fast quick pop can be tied down
An animated gif showing how quickly QuickPop can be released

As long as you need it

No more wrapping up 2ft of excess strap.
The strap is no longer than it need be to get a firm grip to pull tight with a magnet embedded in the end of the strap to hold it up out of the way when driving.

An embeded magnet helps keep QuickPops strap out of the way
An animated gif showing QuickPop in use

How to order

How to measure

Measure the distance between your existing strap mounts while your roof is pulled tight with your current straps (this is how close the mounts will be with QuickPop installed) making sure to measure centre to centre.
If your measurement is:

50mm to 70mm choose S

71mm to 100mm choose L

100mm to 130mm choose XL

If your measurement is outside of the range mentioned above please use the below contact us form and we can work together to come up with a solution for your van.

S, L & XL?

QuickPop S (Previously B) are 20cm long straps, with a single hook and an extra thin magnet that will pass through the buckle for installation. They will tighten right down to 50mm.

QuickPop L (Previously A) has the same strap as S but with 2 hooks, one attached to the top of the buckle and one on the strap. This increases the usable range to 71-100mm.

QuickPop XL (New) Using a 28cm long strap with 2 hooks QuickPop XL will work from 70mm up to 130mm. Because of the extra strap material I recommend using these from 100mm up. But if you feel you need more strap to pull on, XL is for you!

Version A


Version B


Ready to order?

QuickPop straps(pair) - £20
UK Shipping - £5

I assemble each order myself, including welding the magnet into the strap. I will do my best to dispatch your order the next day (orders placed before 5pm) but I do have a day job so there may be a days delay.

Your patience is appreciated!


Please read the FAQ for more information


UK Orders

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Orders are currently delayed due to an unexpected number of orders (amazing) and there is a limit to how many QuickPops I can make.

I will do my best to get your straps to you asap!

Thank you.

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International Orders

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Customer Reviews

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Is QuickPop strong enough?

QuickPop straps are made of durable polyester webbing with a cast aluminium ‘cam-buckle’ that have been factory failure tested at a tension of over 1200lbs (each!).
This corresponds with European standard EN12195-2 for ‘Load restraint assemblies on road vehicles’ specifically ‘web lashing equipment made from man-made fibres’ Click here to see the testing report.
QuickPop hooks are pressed from 3mm plate steel which is then ‘cold rolled’ into shape for maximum strength. The hooks are then powder coated black. They have been factory failure tested at a tension above 750lbs
All of this is irrelevant as long as you have a properly installed pop top roof.

What is a 'properly installed roof'?

A pop top roof is a lot like a sail folded up on top of your van, all it takes is a little 30mph wind to catch it and lift it up to full mast. Generating lots of unwanted forces on your van.

Isn’t that what the straps are for?

Yes, but also no.

Yes they hold the roof down but the most important element involved in keeping the roof down is a nice snug seal along the front and sides of the top. As long as there are no points of ingress i.e. gaps or holes for the air to enter then the forces ‘lifting’ the top are minimal. This can be reduced even further with the addition of a ‘splitter’ or ‘spoiler’ in front of the pop top to divert the air away from the seam up and over the roof. At this point you could hold the roof down with cable ties, which would be inconvenient and untidy but you get my point, QuickPop is overkill in terms of strength.

How tight should quick pop be?

There is no need to pull down on QuickPop with all your might! That is why there is only a handful of strap. As long as your roof is 'sealed' all the way around, just give the straps a firm tug and you are ready to go! See the videos on the home page for an example of how tight I pull the straps.

Will QuickPop fit my van?

If your roof currently uses straps and has mounting brackets that resemble those in the‘Measurement’ photo then all you need to do is measure your gap and order the corresponding straps! If in doubt just ask!

What if my measurements are smaller/larger than 50-100mm?

Please let me know!
Use the contact form to let me know your measurements and I will do my best to come up with a suitable solution for your van. If that’s not currently possible I can take your details and inform you as and when a solution is available.

When will I receive my order?

Orders placed before 6pm are dispatched on the next working day via Royal Mail 1st class. If a product is out of stock an estimated delay will be listed in the ‘how to order’ section

Will I receive order update emails?

You will receive a payment receipt from Stripe after placing your order. I will then contact you if there is an issue with your order ie Stock or address issues. Orders placed before 6pm (Mon-Fri) will be dispatched on the next working day. Once it leaves me it is down to Royal Mail.
If you don’t receive your order within a few working days please contact me via the contact form or for a faster response you can chat to me on Instagram @quickpopuk

Do you offer Trade or Club discount?

Yes, If you are a converter/roof installer or maybe a Club manager wanting to place a bulk order please contact me directly via email info@quickpop.uk with your requirements and I’ll see what I can do for you!

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